FundsForNgos LLC

FundsForNGOs are not motivated by profit – they are motivated by a cause. When you write about a cause, you know that you are writing for some greater good. As a writer, you need to understand the people the NGO intends to serve (their problems, their difficulties) and you also have to understand the motivation of the people who would like to get involved with the works of the NGO – monetarily and otherwise.

NGOs primarily address two types of audiences through their website content, namely
1.People who are affected by the causes being pursued by these NGOs.
2.People who would like to get associated with these NGOs – volunteer with them, arrange funding and make other resources available


We have developed web-based online application for the client which automates and integrated all client business process and provide uniform platform to all location-wise distributed team to work in seamless integrated and real time manner.