NanoKids aim to Providing Comfortable, Stimulating and secure environment through high quality care indoors and outdoors, to be healthy life style among children for a sound foundation in precious early years of life for their well being in present and future.
We take utmost care to provide opportunities through educational plays, events and celebrations for enhancing and refining their intellectual, emotional, individual independence, physical and social needs of the children, keeping in view each child is unique and ensure all children are included, treated and respected with their individuality minted to optimize their potential to learn and develop their personality according to the changing needs of the society and to fulfil their goal in live with positive attitude.


We have developed pre-school & Nursery Management System for active administration of Nursery Schools across India under the Nano Kids brand. This is a single-login centralized software used for Preschool Nursery management where the data of the students and teachers can be stored and maintained.